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Maximise your presence on line and advertise with us. Onemarq offers a range of advertising opportunities to enable you to reach your target audience effectivly.


Quality site
The content of our site is updated on a daily basis; which means that developers are always kept abreast of the latest developments in the field of web hosting and tech, the legal issues associated with E-Commerce and news on the tech industry. Our site has 1005 links in 8 categories. Itís not just a promotional place on the Web, but one where upwardly mobile professionals visit to learn the latest information about developments which affect their daily lives.

High traffic
The number of people visiting our site is constantly on the rise. Our statistics show that people who visit our site do not merely pass by but actually spend on average over 15 minutes perusing our site searching for tech and development resources. Take the opportunity to increase your brand awareness by being seen on our site. Onemarq will soon be launching several new sites to help your compain really take effect.

Targeted audience
Our site is rapidly becoming a central focus for many practitioners and interested parties over the whole spectrum of software engineering and development, multimedia and IT&T industries in particular. More than that, the site is becoming a beehive for the international legal profession anxious to learn of the latest developments in IP and © in the digital age. If you want to target your advertising campaign to a modern-thinking, professional and technology driven audience, onemarq is your site.

Being associated with Onemarq
You can benefit from being associated with a non-profit organisation whose goal is to support the internet, chat and 'free' industry. Your advertising $ helps us make this resource even better.

Feedback is readily available
We provide you with the opportunity to keep track of the effectiveness of your ad. We provide you with 24/7 realtime statistics.

Please feel free to contact Onemarq to discuss your needs anytime.
Business Manager: Mark Smith
Phone: (+61) 4 12971349
Alternativley, contact us at [email protected]

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